This, in my opinion, is probably the most striking 30 seconds of the entire City of Bones film score. This little understated gem was hidden in the film beneath a scene that really didn’t do it any sort of justice, unable to be fully appreciated, but by itself is the single most beautiful and haunting thing on the entire album.

I listen to it often when writing, as it feels so inherently human – pain, truth, raw vulnerability, hope. It sounds like Max Lightwood, and how our heroes returned from battle to find the Lightwoods openly grieving in the Accords hall. It also sounds like Magnus and Alec – the private, intimate conversations of love and comfort and sadness we have yet to see between them. It’s the sound of Jace’s heart breaking as he learns Clary, the one person he has ever wanted for himself, is someone he can never have. It’s the sound of Isabelle’s tears as Simon gives up his immortality. It’s the sound of Simon’s undeath, of knowing he and Clary will be forever separated in the ways that make them human. It’s the sound of Raphael’s sacrifice, and the sound of Magnus sitting all alone, having cut Alec free. It’s the sound of Tessa and Jem watching Jace play the piano at Jocelyn’s wedding, reminded of Will.

It’s so little, and yet so much at the same time, and it always brings me to tears. This small moment of music is my most favourite thing from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and even though it was part of a film that failed to deliver on so many things, it’s an important piece of the Mortal Instruments world for me.


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