In order: Taylor Swift, MyAnna Buring, Gigi Hadid, Ola Rudnicka

Eliza Bennett, Skyler Day

Helen! The best married bisexual half faerie oldest sibling in all of fiction. She goes through so much and still keeps herself together, and I love her so much. I think I came up with a pretty good group of fancasts for her. All blonde, all very pretty, and some of them are even in the right age range. 

Explanations and further details under the cut. 

Taylor Swift: Fight me. You can;t say she isn’t blonde and probably some sort of old fashioned elf person. Part of this deal was terrible cliches, and so Taylor Swift had to be in her. Plus, she has a good singing voice, and that’s always something I thought of as a Helen thing. 

MyAnna Buring: She has a slighter more soft and subtle beauty, but still very pretty. The curls are a big positive, and I liked the shape of her face a lot. 

Gigi Hadid: The youngest member of the spread, but at twenty she might be the most Helen age appropriate. The she of her hair is very warm and she’s a worldwide acclaimed model. In addition she’s half Palestinian, adding a bit of colour to a otherwise kind of white fancast assortment. I love her smile and think she has a great presence for Helen’s warm personality. 

Ola Rudnicka: A little more mature and delicate than the others, the intense look in her eyes kind of sold me. She looks serious, even lethal, and reflects another aspect of Helen’s personality. And her eyes are gorgeous. 

Eliza Bennett: She looks very young, which I thought reflected the fact that Helen is still in her early twenties. Again, the shape of her face and her serious attitude appealed to me as I was assembling my preliminary lists. 

Skyler Day: And the best for last, of course! Skyler Day was the first actress I looked at and thought “That’s Helen, alright.” I still love her very strong facial features, oval face, and piercing eyes. Probably my favorite of the fancasts, she just has the right look. 


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