In order: Simon Julius Jorgensen, Noah Gray-Cabey, Mattie Liptak, Tom Russell, Tahj Bellow, Evan Bird, Gavin Fink, Jack Duarte

Julian is our second main character and big love interest. As Emma’s parabatai and his siblings’ caretaker he has a lot of responsibility, and I wanted to try to convey that, as well as finding some bright eyed curly haired description accurate actors. It was difficult, and eventually I realized I didn’t have to get everything perfect, just find a group of actors that made me think Julian, even with just one feature. Then I thinned that list down to the top eight. So here’s my finds, eight interesting Julian Blackthorn candidates, for your perusal. 

More under the cut. 

Simon Julius Jorgensen: Our model of the lot. Undeniably a very attractive individual, he also has the worn out, slightly pale, almost ill look that gives him a sort of Julian-ish self immolating quality. He looks determined, but also like he hasn’t slept in days. Plus the curls were just right. 

Noah Gray-Cabey: The first one to make me realize I didn’t need to check every box of the physical description. While I had been looking at biracial actors for the younger Blackthorn kids, I wanted them to have the eyes as well, and that was hard to find. Then Noah Grey- Cabey came up in my search and he just looked a lot like Julian to me. He has a nice face and looks both very adult and responsible, but also vulnerable and too young for those responsibilities. Just something about the attitude struck me as a appropriate and he’s still my favorite of the lot. Maybe it’s just me, so tell me if you guys think he right as well. 

Mattie Liptak: Sort of has a ruddy, likable vibe to him. He just seems like a chill sort of person. 

Tom Russell: Blue-eyed brunet part two. I liked him because he looked a little younger than Gig, and his eyes are very bright. 

Tahj Bellow: In the same vein as Noah Gray Cabey, his attitude struck me as very Julian. Also, he’s quite attractive. I could conceivably see Emma breaking some rules for him.

Evan Bird: A little softer and younger, Evan Bird has that awkward teen feeling. I wanted to stick with young looking actors, since a major part of Julian’s character is that he’s too young for the burden he’s been shouldering. In addition, I liked his curls. 

Gavin Fink: Probably the most technically accurate Julian I found, and my second favorite of the lot. With the disheveled curls, the long face, and the solemn expression, he looks quite the Julian. 

Jack Duarte: A little old, but this is an earlier picture of him. I loved the curls and the eyebrows, not to mention the fashion choices. 


Baby Jules: Levi Miller


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