Brett Tucker, Hamid Onifade, Leon, Rahmell Peebles, Max Loong, Christian Bale

Gwyn is where it starts getting complicated. He looks like a fairly basic, if very pretty, brunet on his flower card, but then his name means ‘fair’ or ‘white’ in Welsh so maybe he’s a blonde? And then I looked it up more and apparently he’s said to ride with ‘blackened face’ which they probably meant in the Morris Dancers sense, but I decided I could work with that. So, Welsh faerie royalty, possibly fair or possibly black, a little more mature than some of his Hunters, looks like he could kill you but isn’t a bad guy, just pragmatic. What I came up with is kind of a mixed bag, but I like it. 

Brett Tucker: Our token blonde. Look at those chiseled features. 

Hamid Onifade: Looks like faerie royalty, strong features. More mature than Kierans.  

Leon: Sort of has a likeable vibe. I trust him with a hellish whirlwind of death. At the same time, pointed face, nice beard. 

Rahmell Peebles: No excuse. Look at the nose and the cheekbones. 

Max Loong: Looks the most like flower card Gwyn, with the short brown hair. Not super pretty but still attractive. Looks like a trustworthy adult. 

Christian Bale: Born in Wales. Fight me. 


Random Hunter: Johannes Kistinger

Look at that heterochromia.


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