Victor Coll,

Avan Jogia, Joey Graceffa, Daje Barbour, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kassem Salim

Kieran is a very pretty Unseelie prince with colour changing hair who maybe needs an attitude adjustment and who has some sort of history with Mark Blackthorn. His name apparently means little dark one, so lots of brunettes and  because he is a faerie I also went with lots of models. 

Victor Coll: The face speaks for itself. Also he seems kind of broody. 

Avan Jogia: Look at the Meliorn casting. Let’s not mess with a good thing, especially when that good thing is attractive Candians. 

Joey Graceffa: Not the best Kieran face wise, but he’s holding a puppy and his hair is blue so he went on the list. 

Daje Barbour: Look at those eyelashes and cheekbones. Has no hair, otherwise perfect Kieran. 

Lee Soo Hyuk: Got him from marine-is-hope and andrew-blckthorn, credit where credit is due. Very nice face. 

Kassem Salim: Just look at him. 


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