Lilla Crawford, Saoirse Scott, Sophie Nyweide, Amanda Pace, Ryan Newman, Bailey Tippen

I’ve kind of given up on hitting actual perfect ages, because I can’t judge the ages of children. As long as they looked youngish I wasn’t fighting it. Still, I wanted to do Dru justice, I love writer characters, and I like younger sisters who are solid and sweet and dreamy. She seems like a lot of fun, and I hope she has a nice arc this book. 

Lightning round of explanations under the cut.

Lilla Crawford: Dark hair, great eyebrows, good eyes. 

Saoirse Scott: Perfect face, nice smile. 

Sophie Nyweide: Bob cut, baby teeth. 

Amanda Pace: Expression, serious. 

Ryan Newman: Great actor, eyes. 

Bailey Tippen: Curls, sweet face


Baby Drus: Daisy Tahan, Millie Davis


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