Jaime: Gabriel Benitez, Lorenzo James Henrie, Carlos PenaVega, Diego Boneta

Jaime Rosales is the ‘bad boy’ of the Rosales brothers, contrasted with his ‘perfect’ younger brother Diego. He has a very unique look on his flower card that I tried to replicated with some of these actors. Be nicer to Mark, Jaime. 

Diego: JenCarlos Canela, Jonathan Freudman, Jake T. Austin, Prince Royce

Diego is supposedly perfect and also likes breakfast food? So I went for hot but also vulnerable. I really wish IMDB had better lists of telenovela actors, there have to be more of them out there. 

Gabriel Benitez: I know next to noting about him, but I like his face. Probably the most accurate of the lot. 

Lorenzo James Henrie: Is of part Italian ancestry, like the Rosales brothers seem they might be, based on their second last name. He’s got a younger look, accurate for eighteen year old Jaime. (Me, chanting forever: They are all children! They are all children!)

Carlos PenaVega: Venezualan-American, was in Big Tome Rush, checking my kids tv actor block for this fancast set.

Diego Boneta: While I really tried to make him a possible Diego, his face was just a little more suited for older Jaime. Sorry. 

JenCarlos Canela: He’s pretty? Sadly blue eyed but pretty. Could not find much more on him. 

Jonathan Freudman: A Venezuelan actor who looks appealing enough. I liked the hair. 

Jake T. Austin: Nice face, but looks realistically young. 

Prince Royce: Nice face, period. 


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