Akosua Busia, Regine Nehy, Everlyn Sampi, Suzzanne Douglas, Franchesca Ramsey, Zelda Harris

Diana Wrayburn is the LA Institute tutor, a former shopkeeper with a well balanced personality who is the most adult around the house, at least part of the time. Diana also has her own life and secrets. Although she is not an open rock the boat kind of person, she is subversive enough to help the Blackthorns in their quest to save their brother behind the Clave’s back and she has a deep appreciation of spirituality, as well as a certain practicality around her.  I wanted to stay true to the depictions of her as fairly dark skinned but as far as I know her ethnicity was never stated (please correct me if I’m wrong) so in addition to the African actresses I also added one of Aboriginal Australian descent. 

Lightning round of explanations and a young Diana, under the cut.

Akosua Busia: Great face, looks very reflective and serious. 

Regine Nehy: Lovely, a younger fancast, since Diana is younger than I originally thought, leading to some retooling of the list.

Everlyn Sampi: An award winning Australian actress. No longer in acting but has a great face for Diana.

Suzzanne Douglas: I loved her hair and features, not to mention her professional look. 

Franchesca Ramsey: Her hair is amazing and I like her smile. 

Zelda Harris: Gorgeous and serious, with a real Diana sense of quiet reserve. 


A younger Diana: Kai Newman


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