More of Kieran’s Family From top to bottom (eldest or youngest):

Ayla – eldest child of the King. Keeps to herself, brilliant swordsman and strategist. Frequently sits on meetings with her father. Her brothers mostly leave her alone, though they do usually come to her for advice on plots and manipulation. The brothers all agree that it’s best not to cross her – she turned the last person who did into a puddle of liquid silver {or so the story goes}. Is more or less close to Elrond. It was her idea to give Kieran protection in the Hunt, since he finally allowed her to cajole her into owning her a favor whenever she needed it – no matter what it was. She knows about Alana’s infatuation with her, and she finds endearing and amusing if not a little annoying, though she doesn’t mind teaching her provided she lives through her 100s.

Elrond – eldest son, very, very old. Doesn’t take bullshit from anyone, all his brothers have varying degrees of respect for him. They know not to mess with him. Has taken a interest in Kieran, though he fears he’s getting too attached since Kieran is so young and could die at any moment (it’s happened to him before). He’s trying to keep him at arms length for now. He’s close to Damien. He reminds him of a friend he used to have at court before he was killed in a riot at the noble’s manor. (that noble is dead now, was killed by a very, very slow poison – his death would have been excruciating. The King assumed the commoners were to blame, instead of punishing them he gave the land to Elrond to do with what he wished. He assumed a change in leadership would relax them – it did). Anyway, Elrond would like Damien at least to survive for a long time – so he keeps an eye on him, and tries to nudge him into maybe thinking things through from a different angle before doing something.

Durin – he’s not as old as Elrond and certainly not as young as Kieran, he’s somewhere in the middle with a bunch of the other brothers (the King had a couple years of slow work). He’s ruthless, quick-tempered, and wouldn’t hesitate to bring anyone down who he thinks deserves it. He’s the one who led the ambush on Kieran to teach him a “lesson”. He has his reasons for his resentment against Kieran. Has a soft spot for Lorcan, and maybe Damien.

Damien – part of the middle group with Durin, doesn’t particularly care for him. But doesn’t think it’s worth the effort to create an elaborate plan to kill him. One of his other brothers will kill him… Eventually. Why invite Durin’s ire? Has a soft spot for Kieran, closer to his age than to Durin anyway. He helped Ayla convince the King to help Kieran to begin with. Kept an eye on Roland and Alana for him. Doesn’t get involved unless he is forced to, likes to mostly drink and indulge in gossip — he does make sure to pay attention he’s not an idiot (he knows it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to kill him.. Again). Has a huge amount of respect for Elrond. Trusts him completely. However when he is forced to be involved he destroys anything in his path. He and Durin have an unspoken alliance – they won’t mess with each other, but they also won’t help anyone else do so.

Roland – 11yr. He’s smart and guarded, he cares a lot about Kieran – to the extent that it wouldn’t get him killed. Missed him a lot when he went to the hunt. Roland took over care of Lorcan for Kieran when he was sold to the hunt. He is a brilliant musician and dancer, he has already caught the eye of many ladies at court. He’s as cutting with his words as he is graceful on his feet. He has some anger toward Kieran for leaving him. Is fiercely protective of Alana, they are surprising the only two children of the King’s many children (living and dead) to share a birth day. He likes Damien, doesn’t know much about Durin (though he hates him on principle), and is slightly scared of Elrond and Ayla (don’t tell them he said that).

Alana – she’s quiet but by no means dumb. She and Roland are very close, they would die for each other. Or at least Roland would die for her…. She wants to be like her sister. Brilliant, feared, respected, and the keeper of secrets. She knows secrets are power. She has yet to learn sometimes love and family aren’t weakness but assets. Hates Mark for what he did to her brother. She is very protective of Kieran and Roland — even if she doesn’t show it.

Lorcan – 5yr. the baby of the family. Sweet, innocent (for now) is learning how to manipulate the people around him. He idolizes Kieran, will always love him even if it put his life at risk. Kieran was the one who saved him from being fully eaten by a tree and nursed him back to health. Loves all his brothers and sisters and his big, powerful Daddy.

⚜Though they would all choose themselves over each other if it came down to the Crown, not that they know who is the Heir since Father refuses to name anyone yet!!⚜

*sigh* the life of a Royal is hard…

@marcythewerewolf I took inspiration from your Unseelie Headcanon post. I hope you don’t mind…


These are all brilliant fan casts and headcanons and I love your ideas! It’s great to see lots of different interpretations around the fandom.

This has actually given me a few ideas to add onto my ever evolving set of concepts for the family. This is going to be w long and interesting year.


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