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Hey, about Luke being able to translate Arabic for Dot. In addition to there being a bunch of different dialects, old Arabic is very different from modern Arabic, like the difference between old English and modern English, so Luke being able to translate it would be kinda unlikely.

I figured Luke’s Arabic would probably be limited to Quranic Arabic, the classical stuff, which I think is fairly standardized and could be useful with older works especially from the early Islamic centuries when that served as a common language for poetry and scholarship. (Correct me if I’m wrong, this is coming from memory) You’re definitely right about regional dialects though, he’s not going to be translating all of them and with things like Egyptian works or anything that was written more casually. I’ll go edit it to add that, thanks. 

Oh, and Dot definitely has dinner with the Frays all the time, especially during Ramadan when dinner time is bonding time as well as shoving as much food in your mouth time. Sometimes she asks Luke to come help her translate Arabic in antique books, which he can do about 80 percent of the time because sometimes the calligraphy is really complicated and his Arabic is mostly religiously functional. 

(Edit: Luke would probably only know Classical Arabic, unless he was raised in an Arabic speaking household, so I think Dot would hold off the dialect texts.)

Okay, I’m not done with Muslim Luke Garroway yet. @lvkegarroways, this is your show, hope I’m not messing up. It’s just the best idea. 

  • Lunar calender. Islam runs on one, which Luke always finds darkly hilarious. 
  • On the plus side it mean holidays don’t really ever fall on the full moon. 
  • When he comes to live in New York he’s settled and financially stable enough to fast for Ramadan for the first time in years. Jocelyn remembers him first fasting when they were teens, waiting until sunset with him and Amatis in their dorm rooms at the Shadowhunter Academy to eat big meals brought up from the kitchen. 
  • She and Clary don’t fast, Clary’s too young, but she helps Luke cook and they have a big late dinner together. 
  • Eid al-Fitr is a big event, mostly food wise. Luke goes to Eid prayers then comes back and they have a ridiculous amount of food. They invite Simon and the Lewis family over a lot once he and Clary become friends. It’s only fair since they’re invited to seder. Clary and Simon take advantage of it to eat too much and have fun. It’s a religious obligation.
  • Tying into the Maureen headcanons, when Simon and Clary become friends with Maureen they join forces, pooling allowances and so forth. Cheap dollar store candy is consumed in ridiculous amounts. 
  • Alaric spends early mornings with Luke at the station for a heavy before sunrise breakfast during Ramadan and always helps him find time to pray during his frantic life as a police officer. 
  • I’m not saying he and Alaric date, but I’m not saying they don’t date either. 
  • Also, he’s a police officer? He actually does a lot of work with the Muslim community in New York because some of the other cops just don’t get it. Captain Vargas think’s he’s irreplaceable. 
  • (Also, this adds a whole new dimension to Luke being under investigation.)
  • Because raw meat isn’t exactly halal, which is a problem when you’re wolfed out. Luke tries to be super controlled and makes sure the rest of the pack know about his dietary restrictions. In fights he tries not to swallow any blood. It’s the principle of the thing. 
  • When Luke and Valentine meet again Valentine tosses out some verse about Luke being a monster but Luke is prepared this time and comes right back at him with lines eleven and twelve of the Surah Al-Jinn, about there being righteous among their number and some who follow divergent paths, and Valentine is Wrecked ™
  • When Simon is upset about his faith as a vampire Luke uses his experience with his own struggles to help Simon. It’s not exactly one to one since Judaism is very different, but it still helps. 
  • Awkward not-bonding with Raphael about religion and their differing views. Raphael thinks Luke is an optimist. Luke thinks Raphael might have over dosed on the Catholic guilt. 

Because I have a rep as faery trash to keep up, 

Tony Thornburg for the Unseelie King.

Get on it Shadowhunters crew. You need a plot for our eventual ninth season.